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Pre-release Beta

  • X1 = HDMI
  • X2 = HDMI YPbPr RGBs RGsB

Looking for testers interested in providing feedback for the prerelease version of GCVideoX.


This small batch is intended solely for the purpose of testing and validation to ensuring the product is completely ready for public release. Additional feedback from testers can help spot potential optimizations to the final design and custom firmware.


What is a beta tester?  This means you are a guinea pig fully willing and able to put the product through numerous trials to ensure everyone else will receive a "perfect" product. Beta testers will also receive the final version after public release.


Beta testing goals:

  • Provide feedback on product quality or areas for improvement
  • Determine if product is able to hold up under various environments 
  • Identify any undiscovered bugs in Custom GCVideoX firmware 
  • Kid test (kids usually think outside the box)



 Known key differences between Beta version and Final version:

  • X1 and X2 outer case is 3D printed to validate design before production of aluminum mold for plastic injection
  • X1 and X2 outer case is thicker than required due to strength limitations of 3D printing thin walls
  • X2 Analog video port is ENIG (cheaper small beta run) while the final version will be Hard Gold
  • X2 HDMI connector location is offset in comparison to Analog port. This will be more centered on final version
  • Remote Control programming button might be moved from side to back (TBD)
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