Simple compact no-nonsense solution providing both HDMI and Analog Video output with custom firmware and exclusive features only available from BadAssConsoles.


  • HDMI, RGB, YPBPR, SOG and VGA output
    • 13.5 and 27 MHz Pixel Clocks
    • Supports all typical resolutions:
    • NTSC: 240p 60, 480i 60, 480p 60
      PAL:    288p 50, 576i 50, 576p 50
    • All GameBoy Interface (GBI) Custom Resolutions*
  • Custom firmware enhancements based on 2.4b firmware
    • HDMI Direct Mode for native video resolution output
    • Analog Video Bypass for complete compatibility with all possible resolutions
    • MX Mode providing color reproduction of the Official Component Cables
    • Chroma Interpolation options
    • Improved YPbPr video output
    • Improved RGB   video output
    • ...many many more
  • Easy Firmware Updates using the console itself to perform device updates. Eliminates the need for JTAG.
  • Analog Video output to MultiAV port with pinout compatibility for csync scart cables.
  • SafeSync delivers a safe voltage level to all csync scart cable with or without internal resistor.
  • Future-Proof design allows hardware upgrades with a quick and simple disconnect / connect process.
  • Bridge Adapter ensures a secure fit connection with height clearance for motherboard components and RF shield.


NOTE:  PAL consoles have RGB and 12v on MultiAV pins 1-4. Not recommended for install on a PAL console unless you are willing to remove components on the motherboard to isolate the MultiAV pins.

*  HDMI compatibility with Direct Mode firmware enhancement. 

** Digital Audio and VGA can be wired to appropriate connector type if desired. 

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