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About BadAss Consoles

This webstore has been created for the sole purpose of streamlining sales transactions to make them easier over the long term. There are many plans and ideas in the works with developments currently underway and developments under consideration to improve total quality of life for are the supporter of this site and you are the supporter of future developments...

Finally, a webstore that actually provides products you need...developed by a true hobbyist dedicated to the community.

So why choose the name for the site as BadAss Consoles when you only support GameCube? BadAss Consoles will eventually expand to provide support for other consoles with new and fresh ideas. For now, during the Grand Opening, products are only limited to support GameCube. (Update: Now supporting N64 also)

Make sure to follow BadAss Consoles on twitter @BadAssConsoles to stay updated with future developments and products. Dont worry, I typically dont abuse twitter to much and try to only tweet about shit that matters....



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