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UltraHDMI Installation Service only


Product Description




 Installation Service ONLY for your N64

Shipping information will be provided within 1 or 2 days after purchase


Many general questions have been covered within the UltraHDMI FAQ section. For any questions not covered within the FAQ please contact BadAss Support via email. 





By purchasing this service, You, "The Buyer," will ship your N64 "console only" in fully functional working condition to BadAss Consoles and also pay the return shipping charge. You will receive an email shortly after purchase with information on where to ship your console.

By purchasing this service, You, "The Buyer," will provide the UltraHDMI KIT.

BadAss Consoles, "The Seller," will perform pre-installation testing of your console, perform high quality precision installation, and perform post-installation certification testing. 



 Fine Details:

PayPal does not offer buyer protection for services performed such as installation service. Keep this in mind when choosing who you decide to perform an install on your system because if you end up with a poor quality job, you will not be able to dispute the charges. Refer to PayPal buyer protection section 13 for more information. 

BadAss Consoles guarantees only the best quality installation for your system. If other installers have not notified you of this PayPal stipulation then they are not providing you the most up front and honest information about your rights, or lack of rights/protection in this situation. 

Product Videos

UltraHDMI teaser 1 - Nintendo 64 video mod 1080p60 05:41

Watch in 1080p, 60fps! Sorry, scanlines will look terrible on smaller screens. Audio DSP is not finished, explains the scratchy sound. http://ultrahdmi.retroactive.be , initial site is going live soon. picture: http://retroactive.be/img/i/ra551cb300630f4cabf.png http://retroactive.be/img/i/ra5529d8ebb1a6b1ce5.jpg

  • UltraHDMI teas...
    Watch in 1080p, 60fps! Sorry, scanlines will look terrible on ...